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Gaming Is Growing

The year 2013 experienced the release of ‘n’ number of games, with gaming becoming more and more popular every day. From advanced technologies to interactivity in gameplay, it is no wonder that gaming has become a favorite among all. The most popular gaming consoles till now, that include the Xbox 360 (Xbox One too is rapidly gaining popularity), both PS3 and PS4 and the Nintendo Wii – all came with amazing advancements with the consoles, revolutionizing the idea of gaming and entertainment altogether.

According to a study of gamer demographics in 2013 by the ESA:

  • The average U.S. Household owns at least one gaming console, smartphone or PC.
  • 51% of U.S. Households own either one dedicated gaming console, or even two.
  • Among the Households that own a dedicated gaming console, PC, Smartphone or any other wireless gaming device, 68% play games on their gaming consoles. 63% prefer the PC, and 43% their smartphones.
  • With latest advancements and integration of gaming consoles with existing media, 42% gamers who own dedicated consoles, also use it to watch movies, 22% use it to listen to music, 19% prefer watching TV shows on them and 5% use it for watching live content.
  • 62% gamers play with others, in person or online, 77% gamers, playing with others, play for at least an hour a week, and 32% prefer playing social games.

Thus, this year has seen a lot of game in action! With the onset of the holiday shopping season, most shoppers will go for video game consoles. With the all new releases, considering few points like features, performance, online community, technical support and price worth of the consoles can help you bag this season’s best and you can once again start gaming with the next-gen console that would be just right for you!

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